The Madrigal Project coming to DeKalb and Madison

Mad Poster

Mad Poster

“The Madrigal Project,” is a multi-media interpretation of George Crumb’s Madrigals, Books I-IV, in collaboration with video artist, Bart Woodstrup. Mr. Woodstrup created this video montage using source video artwork in combination with live performance footage shot at NextStage in Putney, Vermont. The live performance footage was the culmination of a week-long residency at the Yellow Barn Chamber Music Festival on March 18-24, 2012.

George Crumb composed this now classic cycle of works in the mid- to late 1960ʼs inspired by the highly evocative poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. Equal parts stark, angular, tender, and explosive, Crumbʼs music mirrors Lorca’s richly nuanced language. We now come to this music nearly half a century later and still find it fresh, challenging and full of magic. Although its textures are at times sparse and rarefied, the music requires us to pay incredible attention to detail and to each other. The process of learning this music has heightened our sense of community and of our commitment to not just our music, but to one another.


Divest (2015) represents recent strategies to disinvest from the fossil fuel economy and to encourage investment into renewable sources of energy. The 200 largest public oil, gas, and coal companies are ranked by the estimated carbon content of their fossil fuel reserves.  The carbon content is listed in gigatons of CO2. By comparison, many top publicly-traded renewable energy companies are listed by their stock ticker symbol and recent earnings per share. This work exists for the sole purpose as an art exhibit. It is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any investment, nor is it an offer to provide any form of investment advice.

Divest was created specifically for the Climate Crisis: Solutions show at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL.

Single – A Valentine’s Day Art Event

Cyberdate @singleCyberdate reappears in Queens!

“Single” – is a curated art exhibition and an evening of readings, performance and stand-up comedy that delve into the experience of being single. The event will also feature Single Postal Service, drinks and a DJ after-party.

In the recent decades building a life as a single person has become more common. However there still exists a prevailing notion that one day we will all meet that special someone and settle down for a happily-ever-after. This event is not about that. Twenty artists of various age groups and backgrounds, based in New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maine, Oklahoma and Winnipeg, Canada, consider the width and depth of living as an independent entity. Whether it’s longing for love, looking deeper into the self or exploring sexuality.

Cyberdate @single


Single or not – come out bring your friends!

Opening February 14, 6pm at Local Project Art Space

Project Light House

Project Light House

The NIU School of Art and Design Time Arts students had a show of some of this semester’s work on Tues. Dec 2nd @ 6p.m. The show consisted of several video projectors set up throughout the House Cafe. Each projection will be a looping video that, in some way, relates to the surface it is being projected on.







Making Music at STEMfest 2014

For the 2014 NIU STEMfest I worked a booth with Vikas Deo and Wesley Morgan (two grad students in the School of Music, NIU).  Wes and Vikas performed electro-acoustic compositions they created during a class I co-taught earlier in the year. I created a Max patch for the event that sampled the voice of a person and then let them replay a synthesis of the voice using a Wii controller.


Suburban Tire Art Show

Suburban Tire

I debuted a new video art piece entitled Four Lands as part of “Art at Work” which was sponsored by the St. Charles Art Council. The program seeks out non-traditional venues for displaying art. This month’s inaugural event was hosted by Suburban Tire Auto Repair Centers on Rt. 38 in St. Charles, IL. The work was displayed across four large flat panel screens which, during the day, are used for tire advertisements. The Fox River Valley has a burgeoning art scene to which the St, Charles Arts Council is making some
exciting contributions.


Updating the studios!


It was a lot of work, but with the help of my grad students, I updated the NIU Time Arts’ green screen room and we made a Foley/VO booth.  I’m really looking forward to all the art my students are going to make in these rooms this Fall semester.